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Woodland Restoration in Ireland

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Restoring Priority Woodland Habitats in Ireland

The Project:
Threats, Actions & Results

Threats to Priority Woodland Habitats

Priority woodland habitats in Ireland have been threatened by a range of activities, including:

Non-native conifers at Site 8 Aghnaguig

past afforestation of non-native tree species

Rhododendron invading Site 3. Hazelwood

spread of invasive non-native trees and shrubs

Drainage from floodplain at Site 4, Durrow

drainage of alluvial areas and bog woodland

Bark stripping by goats at Site 9, Camcor

overgrazing and animal trespass

Rubbish dumping at site 7, Castletaylor

undervalued perception of priority woodland

Project Actions

This project aims to address these threats by means of the following woodland restoration techniques:

Sensitive conifer felling and forwarder at Site 1. Clonbur

remove non-native trees and shrubs

Rhododedron being felled and stump treated at Site 3, Hazelwood

control invasive non-native species to facilitate natural regeneration of native woodland habitat

Manmade drains at Site 4, Durrow

block forest drains within alluvial woodlands

Deer fencing will secure the habitats, as in this case at Site 9, Camcor

fencing will protect habitats from over grazing. Browsing at Site 9, Camcor.

Yew propagation of local provenance by Coillte staff @ Kilmacurra Nurseries

extend yew woodlands through natural regeneration and planting of local native stock

Bog woodland at Site 8, Aghnaguig

promote favourable conservation status of rare bog woodland

Members of the local community who planted a yew tree at Site 6, Cahir Park

raise public awareness

Expected Results

The project actions are designed to achieve a significant improvement in woodland habitat quality. In the short term, the woodland restoration techniques concentrate on removing the threats to these habitats. The long term aim is to put in place the conditions which will allow priority woodland to regenerate in future years and provide a home for many native plant and animal species.

The public awareness results of the project will include the project brochure, this project website, and project signage at all nine sites, including detailed information panels at the three demonstration sites.

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PR/Administrator: Breda Lyons
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Project Manager: Sean Quealy
Mobile: + 353 (0)86 2854054

Coillte acknowledges the funding received from the EU LIFE-Nature programme

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