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Woodland Restoration in Ireland

Site 7. Castletaylor - Fixed point 1 conifers to be removed

Site 7. Castletaylor - Fixed point 1 after removal of conifers


Restoring Priority Woodland Habitats in Ireland


This section outlines some of the results to date of the restoration work. As is typical of such large scale restoration projects, the first year has been largely devoted to preparatory actions with the bulk of the physical restoration works scheduled to occur over the remaining three years.

Here are the results of the project restoration works. For a more detailed report on project results, read the "Technical Final Report" from the Publications Section.

Results Of Woodland Restoration Undertaken 2006-2009

Restoration Techniques (2006-2009) Target Completed
Land Managers Training Courses including In-House 4 20
Expert Advice Received (Consultant) 1 3
Development of Site Action Plans 9 9
Project Results Booklet * 10,000 5,000
Project Information Brochure 15,000 15,000 distributed
Design and Maintain Project Website 1 1
Fell non-native conifers to recycle 146.1 hectares 295.4 hectares
Fell non-native broadleaves to recycle 199.8 hectares 365.6 hectares
Removal of invasive exotic shrubs 550.8 hectares 550.8 hectares
Propagation and planting of yew 33.5 hectares 55.7 hectares
Fencing ** 29,500 metres 14,485 metres
Install ecological quadrats 54 57
Install dams - 350
Install dipwells/walrags 30 29
Removal of natural regeneration of exotics 550.8 hectares 550.8 hectares
Maintenance of fencing and trespass control 426.4 hectares 543.9 hectares
Vegetation management of yew sites 33.5 hectares 55.7 hectares
Ecological monitoring 550.8 hectares 550.8 hectares
Hydrological monitoring 147.0 hectares 147.0 hectares
Guided Woodland Walks 9 16
Signage at Woodland Entrances 3 17
Project Management Group Meetings 16 16
Advisory Panel Meetings 4 4
Reports to EU 4 4
After LIFE Conservation Plan 1 1

* Results Booklet: It was agreed by the project management group that an online version of the results was created to reduce paper usage and reduce the print numbers originally planned.

** Fencing: Ecological surveys conducted during the project showed that original fencing plans were not required. Results were approved by project management group.

Photo Record of Project Results - Fixed Point, Quadrat And Other Images.

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