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Woodland Restoration in Ireland

Student group during National Tree Week at Site 1, Clonbur

Enthusiatic search for life on deadwood found at site


Restoring Priority Woodland Habitats in Ireland

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Getting the Message Across

Attending project launch David Gunning Coillte CEO, Mary Wacddisseminating informationDr Declan Little Woodlands of Ireland officiating at launchDurrow locals celebrate heritage with visit to LIFE site 2008Eileen O'Rourke UCC and Keith Kirby Natural England at IALEField Day at Clonbur Society of Irish Foresters, Crann, IriField Day at Site 1, ClonburForestry students visit bog woodland from nearby Teagasc, BHealthy Habitats Exhibition Summer 08 ENFO, DublinInformation evening at Site 2, AttyslanyMargaret McGuirk OPW Phoenix Park, Dr Declan Little, WoodlaPR Manager, Coillte and Mr John Gormley, TD Minister for Enpublic consultation at Curraghchase, Site 6RTE interviews LIFE site manager during European Forest Weesection of audience attending lauch of project DVDSite 4, Durrow - student identifies biodiversity demoiselle flySite 4, Durrow local student group visit their local LIFE siteSite signage at Site 6, Cahir Park, Coillte staff and minisSite signage during operationsstudents from Clonbur National School visiting Coillte woodTrish Walsh of Petersburgh Outdoor Training Education CentrWorld ploughing Championships 2007.  visitors from EU, NPWS_banner used during  public consultation at Site 1, Clonbur_local students learn about the woodland habitat at Site 1, _National Ploughing Champs 2008, EU Commission Stand

Site 1 - Clonbur

Expert Advisor to Project, Dr Tim Clifford inspecting the hfell to waste broadleaves clonbur 2008natural regeneration yew seedlingSite 1, Clonbur laurel cut and stump treated to prevent regrowthSite 1, Clonbur removal of beech and other non-native hardwoodsSite 1, Clonbur removal of non-native trees and retention oSite 1, Clonbur roadside trees pollarded  ash 2 years on, JSite 1. Clonbur - consultation with reps from  NPWS Forest Site 1. Clonbur - Laurel stump cut and treated N - M11169-5Site 1. Clonbur - Roadside trees pollarded for safety - neaSite 1. Clonbur Quad 2B 2006 - M10916 56616 June 2006Site 1. Clonbur Quad 2B 2007June 2007Site 1. Clonbur Quad 2b 2008Site 1. Clonbur quad 3 group Chemically treated spruce inSite 1. Clonbur removal of non-native treesSite 1. Clonbur Sensitive felling_yew propagation at Kilmacurra nurseries

Site 2 - Attyslany

Advisory Panel Visit Attyslany 2008Site 2. Attyslaney Fixed point 4. 2007Site 2. Attyslaney Fixed Point 4. 2008Site 2. Attyslaney harvester in action 2Site 2. Attyslaney Quadrat 2A 2006 R39981 98218Site 2. Attyslaney Quadrat 2a 2008Site 2. Attyslaney wall repair 4Site 2. Attyslaney-brash mats in beech thinning areaSite 2. Attyslaney-Seedling regeneration_healthy yew transplants at Coillte nurseries_Site 2. Attyslaney Coillte staff felling conifer 3

Site 3 - Hazelwood

group standing near to piled rhododendron stumps in foregroinvasive rhododendron prior to managementSite 3, Hazelwood - fell to recycle non-native trees decompSite 3. Hazelwood Quad 1C 2006 G71113 36011Site 3. Hazelwood Quad 1C 2007 G71110-36016 July 2007Site 3. Hazelwood Quad 1c 2008Site 3. Hazelwood_Site 3, Hazelwood alluvial woodland_Site 3. Hazelwood - Bird's nest orchid 2

Site 4 - Durrow

Site 4, Durrow, sign at entrance, Knockanoran - alluvial woSite 4. Durrow - Fell to waste 3Site 4. Durrow - Fell to wasteSite 4. Durrow - Levelling SurveySite 4. Durrow Path cleaningSite 4. Durrow Quad 2c 2006 No Sat June 2006Site 4. Durrow Quad 2c 2008_Coillte area foreman reads dipwells monthly - monitoring hy_plastic  and log dam trials

Site 5 - Currahchase

laurel cut and stackedSite 5. Currachase Habitat piles - cut laurel July 2007Site 5. Currachase Quad 1A 2006 R41104 50683 July 2006Site 5. Currachase Quad 1a 2008Site 5. Currachase-Laurel removed_yew cuttings taken from the site growing in Coillte nurseries

Site 6 - Cahir Park

Coillte staff planting yewDSC_0019healthy yew plantsinvasive laurel cut and heapedlaurel treatednaturally regenerating yewnon-native trees removed from siteplanted yewrecently managed invasive laurelsite post fellingyew tree_deadwood enhancing biodiversity_retained native trees and yew in background, decomposing la_Scots pine retained_Spanish chestnut veteran, retained for biodiversity_yew transplant beside marker

Site 7 - Castletaylor

decomposing fell to wastegate entrance and signhabitat post fellinghazel in foreground with manually felled conifer in mid gromixed nativesringbarking techniques in rocky terrainSite 7. Castletaylor - Fixed point 3. 2007 ESE - M45434-151Site 7. Castletaylor - Fixed Point 3. 2008Site 7. Castletaylor - Roadside buffer trees and brash matSite 7. Castletaylor Coillte staff felling beech 2typical priority woodland at castletaylorwork in progress on sitework in progressyew_Coillte staff managing yew transplants_juniper_planted yew thriving_Site 7. Castletaylo Coillte staff planting yew_Site 7. Castletaylor - Fixed point 3. 2006  E-M45420-15146

Site 8 - Aghnaguig

aghnaguig regen successfulbog woodlandcarex sp. aghnaguiggroup discussing the treatment of conifersSite 8. Aghnaguig  Birch Regeneration 2008Site 8. Aghnaguig  Spruce Dying  2008Site 8. Aghnaguig -  Oak seedling through brash No.2 Sept 08Site 8. Aghnaguig Fixed point 3. 2006 ESE- H39262-13380 BeforeSite 8. Aghnaguig Fixed Point 3. 2008_Site 8. Aghnaguig Chemical Treatment on Spruce

Site 9 - Camcor

Camcor River at LIFE sitefelled non-natives decomposingSite 9 Camcor Algae on Tufa depositsSite 9 Camcor Fell to waste conifersSite 9 Camcor Tufa deposits on north bankSite 9. Camcor - Conifers removed from Quadrat group 1.  2.5.07Site 9. Camcor deer fencing in place to eliminate over grazingSite 9. Camcor Quadrat 3c 2008Site 9. Camcor Quadrat 3C June 2007work in progress_site post felling, with tufa springs fenced off

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Project Manager: Sean Quealy
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Coillte acknowledges the funding received from the EU LIFE-Nature programme

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